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You can purchase etchings or watercolor directly from Elizabeth by contacting her at

For the last 30 years, Elizabeth Kavaler has created her own style of color etching. In the last 10 years, Kavaler has added plein air watercolor painting to her repertory.

Kavaler has won many local and national awards, including the Graphic Award Annual Exhibit Miniature Society (Washington D.C, 1974 and 1975) and the Best Graphic, National Miniature Art Show (New Jersey, 1975). Most recently, she won the First Award Marin Society of Artists (November 1996).


You can find Kavaler's latest etchings and watercolors at these galleries:

Chandler Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
Shorebirds Gallery, Belvedere, CA
Christopher Bell Gallery,
Monterey, CA

Elizabeth's artworks are also displayed at many offices and private homes in the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area offices.

How to Purchase

You can purchase etchings or watercolors directly from Kavaler by contacting her at
A personal check is fine; she'll send you the etching(s) and watercolor(s) as soon as your check clears!
Shipping and handling costs are $10.00 per order in the U.S., and $20.00 elsewhere.

If you are interested in landscape scenes of a particular area but you do not see a painting shown on this website, do not hesitate to email Elizabeth and ask her about it. What's shown on this web site is only a small selection of Elizabeth's artworks. She travels the US and the world frequently. She may have just the painting of a vacation spot you've been looking for.

All artworks are unframed.

Return Policy

Pictures of the watercolors and etchings on this website were scanned then compressed to make the file small enough to be shown on the internet. The quality of the graphic files shown do not do Elizabeth's paintings justice. We encourage you to purchase the paintings to see for yourself how beautiful these paintings are.

You may return your purchase within 14 days of the original mailing date and get a refund for your purchase excluding shipping and handling costs ($10.00 per order in the US and $20.00 elsewhere).

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