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Kavaler uses a combination of three basic techniques for creating her color etchings:

LINE ETCHING: The metal plate is coated with an acid resistant waxy ground. The lines are then drawn with a sharp needle which exposes the metal. Then the plate is put into an acid bath. In printing, the ink settles in the etched lines and the plate is wiped clean.

DRYPOINT: The sunken lines are produced directly by diamond-hard tools pulled across the plate. This produces a ridge along the incisions, which gives drypoint a soft, velvety appearance absent in the clean-edged lines of an etching.

AQUATINT: Aquatint is used to print areas of color. The plate is covered with a rosin powder and heated so the rosin will melt and harden onto the plate and leave a porous ground. The plate is then repeatedly put into an acid bath where it is etched to different depths. The final effect is an image on a fine, pebbled background.

Kavaler mixes her own inks from dry pigment and plate oil and does her own printing. If the colors are separated in the design, more than one color may be used on each plate. This has to be planned carefully. Sometimes 2 or 3 plates must be used with different colors to produce a single print, and these different plates must align perfectly in each printing.

Kavaler produces an edition of usually 50 prints from the same set of plates. After making a few more artist proofs for herself; she destroys the original plates so no more prints can be made. Each print is a handmade original work of art.

Kavaler feels there are too many negative and depressing happenings on earth, and her artwork should rather express the joy in the pleasant and beautiful things in life and nature.

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